Our Team

The DAR Project Team
Our members volunteer their services to The DAR Project. 100% of donations are put directly towards our DAR Scholarships to send Tanzania orphans to college. 

Colette Hebert, Founder and President

Colette is a music teacher in New York, New York. She has played in an Egyptian band on the Mediterranean Sea, taught English and music in Turkey, helped build a library in Tanzania, visited orphanages in India, and built houses in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. It was while in Tanzania where she realized she could really do something to make a difference. She holds Bachelor and Master degrees from Syracuse University and studies in the graduate program at Columbia University at Teachers College. Colette is also an Ironman finisher, ultra marathoner and loves to rock climb. Her current to-do list includes: running a 100-miler and climbing the 7 summits.


Brooke Hebert, Chairman of the Board

Brooke is currently in the Nursing Program at New York University in New York, New York. She traveled to 12 countries through University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program. Brooke has circumnavigated the globe. She has walked on the Great Wall of China, ridden camels in Morocco, crossed the Panama Canal, hiked Table Mountain in Cape Town, sky dived in South Africa, and visited temples in India. She also enjoys road trips, hiking and volunteering.



Greg Hernandez, Board Member & Treasurer

Greg graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in music business.He was part of six world-champion-winning youth performance ensembles, worked on GRAMMY-nominated recordings, and produced songs that made it all the way to the front page of the iTunes music store. With his performing talents he traveled the US and Japan sharing his love for the stage as a cast member of the TONY and EMMY award winning musical event, “Blast!” and “Blast II: MIX”. Now he is ready to take on new challenges as he continues to develop his artistry. In addition to his musical goals, Gregorio can be seen tearing up the dance floor with various hip hop crews, as well as acting alongside exciting newcomers to the NY Film scene.



Christina Matula, Media and Communications

Christina is an elementary music teacher in Northern Virginia and holds a bachelors degree in Television/Radio/Film as well as a Masters Degree in Music Education from Syracuse University. She volunteers her time as a producer at a public access television station where she is passionate about advocating for the arts and sharing the human condition. Christina loves to travel and enjoys taking groups of students to see all the magnificent places all around the world. In her free time she enjoys photography, dancing, martial arts and CrossFit.


Scholarship Committee

Margaret Luthar

Margaret is an audio engineer from New York City who is currently living in Stavanger, Norway. Margaret has a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Syracuse University, and a Masters Degree in Music Technology from New York University. She completed an audio engineering residency at The Banff Centre in Banff, Canada. In the summers of both 2009 & 2010, Margaret was an engineer at the Aspen Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado. She is also actively involved in the Anglican Church community in Stavanger, as well as the Kirkens Bymisjon (city mission) Albertine program, which provide health and supportive services to trafficked women in Norway.