College Profile

College Profile

There are a variety of universities that students can attend in Tanzania that offer an assortment of programs. However, money is a huge factor when considering college for families. The college tuition rate in Tanzania is 625 US dollars which completely covers tuition. However, the average salary in Tanzania is 600 US dollars a year. Most families have several children which makes it extremely difficult for most students to attend college.

The University of Dar Es Salaam offers Bachelor degrees. They offer a variety of programs including Economics, Journalism, Education, Engineering, Finance, and Political Science. The University of Dar Es Salaam has been ranked #1 out of all Tanzanian colleges by the International Web Ranking.

Tumaini University is located in Dar Es Salaam as well. They offer programs including Business Administration, Human Resources, Arts, Law, and Information Management.

Ardhi University is also located in Dar Es Salaam. They offer programs in Architecture, Economics, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics, Real Estate, and Philosophy.

Also, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College in Moshi, the Kilimanjaro region, has one of the only Tropical Medicine programs in the world.

To receive a scholarship from The DAR Project, students must complete a scholarship application. Our review board goes through the applications received and selects the candidates in the most financial need. When students are chosen as scholarship recipients, The DAR Project pays funds for the student’s college fees directly to their college.