Why Tanzania?

Why Tanzania?

The DAR Project is a non-profit organization that helps educate orphans in need in Tanzania. We organize educational programming for our children and are committed to providing them with a better future through education. The children educated through DAR are more likely to succeed in the future and be better qualified for a career in their community. Since the beginning of The DAR Project in 2011, we have raised over $50,000, received sponsorship from many international companies who have offered us in kind donations, ad space, technology, and platforms to speak on orphan education awareness. We have sent orphans to university each fall and tutored hundreds of orphans through their primary and secondary school years.

The DAR Project Team is made up of volunteers from around the world. We organize educational programming at our orphanages throughout East Africa and are committed to sending Tanzanian orphans to college. The universities we send our orphans to are all located in Tanzania. We sponsor our DAR Scholarship Winners throughout their university years dependent on their continued merit and commitment to giving back to their community. Without The DAR Project, these orphans would not go to college or be qualified for a career in their area. In college, our orphans learn new skills they can share with others in their community.

We appreciate your support. Thank you for helping us better the future of Tanzanian orphans. You can make a donation to DAR here. Asante!

Our Mission:

The DAR Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offers educational resources to orphans in Tanzania, focusing primarily on funding college tuition for students committed to higher education and serving their community. 100% of donations go directly to educational programs in Tanzania. Help us educate orphans in East Africa.

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