The DAR Project

1.6 million people in Tanzania are living with HIV/AIDS resulting in 1.3 million orphaned children throughout the country. The children we help at our orphanages don’t have parents. Most of their parents have died from AIDS. Since the beginning of The DAR Project in 2011, we have raised over $10,000, sent 15 orphans to college and tutored 150+ orphans in primary and secondary school.

The DAR Project Team is made up of volunteers from around the world. We organize international work camps at our orphanages throughout East Africa and are committed to sending Tanzanian orphans to college. The universities we send our orphans to are all located in Tanzania.

We sponsor our DAR Scholarship Winners throughout their university years dependent on their continued merit and commitment to giving back to their community. Without The DAR Project, these orphans would not go to college or be qualified for a career in their area. In college, our orphans learn new skills they can share with others in their community.

We appreciate your support. Thank you for helping us help even more orphans throughout East Africa! Asante. Donate today!